Male Body Language: What Are the Signs He Likes Me?

Body language is a great way to determine if a man is interested in you! Its also fantastic because they are usually unconscious signals the man gives, unaware that you know exactly how he feels about you.

guy body language

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You By His Body Language

There are many reasons you may feel like you need some confirmation of a man liking you before you make a move or let him know that you are attracted as well. Situations such as when you have been friends for a while and don’t want to ruin a friendship or make it awkward by professing to feel more than friendship. If you two are on different authority levels at the same workplace, have dated each others friends before, or even that you simply don’t want to embarrass yourself with getting rejected.

Every man will show some obvious signs of being attracted or interested in someone. These do not necessarily mean he “likes” you yet, per se, but he is certainly interested. They include:

Facing your direction in a group of people. He will always face the person most interesting to him. If he is originally facing you, and then turns toward his friend when they get into a lively discussion of sports or video gaming, you can see this rule in action. His immediate interest has changed to the discussion he is having with his friend.

Mirroring your actions. If he sits back when you sit back, leans forward after you lean forward, leaves a room when you do (even if he goes to another area) and comes back when you do, then he is most definitely focusing on you and probably unaware that he is even doing this.

Smiling a lot when you are around, and looking at you. If he engages you in eye contact and smiles at you quite often, he wants you to like him and he finds you interesting or attractive.

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Showing signs of nervousness. If you are attractive enough to him or if he likes you, he may feel unsure of himself and be extra concerned with being an impressive person. He exaggerate his gestures, overdoing things in order to try to get your attention, will wipe his hands on his jeans, as if they are sweaty, perhaps tap rapidly with his foot or fingers even if the rest of him looks relaxed, or even say or do awkward things that he wouldn’t usually do.

Touching his face or his hair often. Both are instinctive ways to make us feel less nervous, to make sure we look good, and both boys and girls do this, though not always out of nervousness.

Touching you whenever possible. If he often  makes excuses to be able to brush his hand on yours or touch your shoulder or arm, he wants to be someone you are close to. Affectionate and casual touching between people is usually reserved for people we are close to or comfortable with. By inserting himself in this category, he is saying he wants to be closer to you and have that privilege with you.

Do you know anyone who shows these signs? Have you found any of these signs in the guy you like? Let me know! I would love to hear from you.

A great video for those who want to learn more about how to know if a guy is into you, and how to get a guy to like you is called “How to be a Guy Magnet”. Its very interesting and has some great tips!

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